Fungal Nail Laser Treatment – eliminate the infection


- Results seen from the first session with minimal side effects!

- Non-surgical procedure!

- Minimal side effects!

- Minimal discomfort during the procedure!

- You are in safe hands: treatments are always carried out by highly qualified and experienced

team members at our medical based clinic!

- All skin types can be treated: even darker, pigmented or sensitive skin!

- Consultations with our laser technicians are always free of charge!

3 to 8 out of 100 people in the UK develop Fungal Nail infections. Infections are contagious and easily spread so effective treatment if needed to combat. Nearly all infectious agents can be killed by heat, which makes treating fungal nail infections with laser an extremely effective option. We recommend a course of treatments, 3 to 4 weeks in between, to effectively combat the infection. We do usually advise having all nails done on the foot with the infection due to it being so highly contagious.

Commonly Asked Questions about Treatments :


Do I need to do anything before and after the treatment?

  • Avoid sun exposure to treatment 4-6 weeks before and after treatment.
  • Please ensure you shave all hair on your toes or fingers before treatment.
  • Please ensure nails being treated are cut and filed down neatly.
  • Be sure to clean and exfoliate your feet and toes before treatments.
  • Ensure all nail polish or product is removed before your appointment.
  • Bring clean socks for after your appointment to reduce further infection. Cotton socks are the best.

Does the treatment cause any pain?

There may be a slight pressure/heat on the affected area and small tingling sensations. We use various methods including cryogen, ice packs and cooling air to keep any pain to a minimum. Our technicians always check throughout the treatment that you are comfortable and at ease.

How long does healing take? When will I see a difference?

As the infected nail will need to grow out naturally, you will not see clear nails until the growth period is complete. Although laser treatment is extremely effective, you may need more than one session to fully eradicate the infection, we often suggest having 6-8 sessions. It’s important to follow our nail care guidelines to reduce the potential for reinfection.


Our prices for this treatment:

  • Special offer: £370 got 6 sessions on all ten nails
  • £39 for one session on one nail
  • £59 for one session on two nails
  • £79 for one session on five nails
  • £150 for one sessions on ten nails