Laser Hair Removal in Nottingham

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Why you should choose Gentle Laser Hair Removal at Park Laser & Aesthetics Clinic in Nottingham?


  • Achieve smoother skin, free of unwanted hair with no hassle.
  • We are a doctor led clinic, so you know you are in safe hands. We always deliver our treatments according to strict medical protocols.
  • Treatments always carried out by highly qualified and experienced team members.
  • Effective, ultra-fast treatments with excellent results.
  • Leading medical laser machine which is used by over 10,000 doctors.
  • No shades barred! Suitable for all skin types and tones, including darker, pigmented or sensitive skin.
  • Long lasting results.

How are the treatments delivered?

The laser delivers an intense beam of light into the treatment area. This energy is absorbed by the hair follicle and converted into heat. This heat energy then deeply penetrates the hair follicles and destroys the root of the hair whilst the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. During and after the treatment, you may experience some redness, however this usually only lasts a few minutes but can last a few hours. We offer Aloe Vera gel to purchase at the clinic to help soothe and calm the skin, we can also offer ice packs if needed.

A patch test and consultation is required for this treatment, and therefore completely free of charge. During this appointment, our trained and experienced technician will perform a pre-treatment skin analysis and you will be able to ask any questions you have about the treatments and have a quick patch test with the laser to ensure no reaction will occur after the treatments and check your tolerance to the laser therapy. If the outcome is satisfactory and you decide to continue with the treatment we will be able to continue the treatment on your next session.


Are the treatments painful?

We use a Dynamic Cooling Device which prepares the skin for treatment by spraying the upper layer with a cooling burst of cryogen. Based on your personal preferences, we can also use ice packs and a cooling air system. This ensures that the treatments will be as comfortable as possible whilst limiting compromises on effectiveness. With the laser, treatments often don't take very long and a lot of our clients have stated that waxing is more painful. During the patch test, you will be able to feel the heat that you will experience during treatments.


What precautions should I take?

  • Avoid sun exposure to the areas being treated. This includes any tanning beds or machines. As well as self-tan such a spray tan. If your skin is exposed to this as well as the treatment, it could cause pigmentation lasting around 3 months,
  • You will need to shave all areas to be treated the night before your appointment.
  • Laser hair removal cannot be used on tattooed areas as this may react and cause burns.
  • It is extremely important that you follow our guidelines to ensure you and your treatments are safe. This is a joint effort between you and us. Our job is to inform you of all restrictions and give you advice on pre and post treatment care. 
  • Please see our Laser Precautions and Aftercare instructions for more information. You will be given a copy of this during your consultation.

How long should the treatments take?

Depending on the areas being treated, the time will vary. For example, a full body laser treatment session can take up to 45 minutes - an hour. Whereas sessions for the upper lip, chin, underarm or bikini line can take 10-15 minutes.

How many treatments will I need to see results?

Hair growth is reduced after each of these treatments which are given every 4-6 weeks. The amount, and how effective the treatments are will vary from person to person. We recommend at least 6 sessions and then takin git from there. During this time, you may notice some areas becoming patchier and hair is still growing in in some areas but not as thick. This is normal, and good! Some skin is more sensitive to the treatments than other areas so may react quicker.

Laser hair treatment will not work on light blonde, white or grey hairs (any hair without pigmentation), so we may suggest having a course of IPL treatment.

Laser Hair Removal VS IPL. What is the difference?


We believe Laser Hair Removal is the best option for the following reasons:

  • Lasers use the exact wavelength suitable for each individual, making treatments more effective.
  • Lasers can be used for larger treatment areas.
  • Treatment times are generally quicker.
  • Customisable for your specific needs.
  • Not as painful as other hair removal methods like waxing.
  • Less treatment sessions required.
  • Long lasting results.

Some salons and clinics use IPL as an alternative as it is far cheaper compared to laser machines. However, here at Park Laser and Aesthetics Clinic, we insist on the best treatment methods to achieve maximum results.


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