Our Reception Staff

Sahara, Amina, and Charlotte are very welcoming and hard working members of our team.

As the first point of call within the clinic, these girls are constantly enthusiastic and passionate about their work.

They take pride in the services they provide and ensure that the clinic is smooth running.

If you have any queries, concerns or questions, these girls will happily answer for you.


As a senior member of staff, Amina has been working in the clinic since it has opened many years ago. She is very warm and welcoming and will always ensure the satisfaction of our clients. As a mother of three, she shows amazing communication and people skills and can always tackle a problem. She is a very supportive and understanding member of staff.


Starting as an apprentice in Business Administration in 2017, Sahara has been working in the clinic for over a year. She has shown great people skills and definitely knows how to make our clients feel welcome. Sahara is a young and enthusiastic member of the team. She is always full of positivity and it’s very contagious.


Also starting as an apprentice in 2017, Charlotte has also been working in the clinic for over a year. She is a friendly member of our team and always up for a chat about anything at reception. She is a very passionate and hard working member of staff, and ensures all tasks are taken care of.