Treating Thread Veins with Laser treatment.

  • Results seen from the first session with minimal side effects!
  • Non-surgical procedures
  • Minimal side effects
  • Minimal discomfort during the procedure
  • You are in safe hands: treatments are always carried out by highly qualified and experienced team members at our medical based clinic
  • All skin types can be treated: even darker, pigmented or sensitive skin
  • Consultations with our laser technicians are always free of charge.

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Laser treatment can greatly improve the appearance of unwanted veins such as:

  • Facial broken thread veins/broken capillaries
  • Legs veins (up to 1.5mm diameter)
  • Spider Nevi
  • Cherry Angiomas
  • Venous Lakes (on lips)
  • Rosacea

This fantastic reatment works by destroying the infection or unwanted blood vessels whilst protecting the upper layers of your skin.
The laser heats the blood vessel up, which then stimulates collagen contraction of the vessel and destroys it. Over time the vessel will be re-absorbed and eliminated by the body. They will simply disappear!
As some lesions may be deeper than others, more than one treatment may be needed.



What are Thread Veins?


Thread veins are a problem that commonly occur in about half of the adult population in Western countries. These are very fine dilated veins lying within the skin. They come from normal veins in the skin which grow much bigger than their usual size.

They often occur near the ankle, over the inside of the knee, outside of the thigh and sometimes around the nose and cheeks.

Thread veins are also known as spider veins or dermal flares.

The tendency to grow them is in part an inherited problem so often runs within families. However there are many reasons they could occur;

  • Thread veins may begin during hormonal surges:  at the onset of periods and during pregnancy.
  • In some people they are due to varicose veins but in others thread veins  occur on their own.
  • Thread veins may occur in the region where a minor injury has caused a bruise. Once this has healed, thread veins can often stay in place.

Frequently asked questions about Thread Vein Removal


How long does this treatment take? How many sessions will I need?

The duration of the laser appointment will depend on the size of the area being treated.  Treatment times can vary from 30 minutes up to 1 hour.

We advise to see best results, a few treatments will be needed. To get a general idea of how many treatments will be needed, you will be able to discuss this with the specialist at the time of the initial consultation.

Our prices:
For one session of this treatment: £250

We do not do packages for this treatment.

Do I need to do anything before and after the treatment?

Precautions to take pre-treatment:

  • Your skin should be completely dry and clean before any treatment. Although the specialist will wipe your skin before treatment, we do advise that you do not wear any products on your skin before treatment.
  • Your skin should not be exposed to sun for at least 4 weeks before your appointment. Exposure to the sun will risk blistering and pigmentation. We will not perform treatment if the area is tanned.
  • Avoid any self-tanning products, including tanning creams, spray tans or any other temporary pigmented creams.

Post treatment instructions:

  • Again, we advise that you avoid sun exposure. This includes any sun tanning beds or machines. If your skin is exposed to these rays, it may cause white pigmentation. This can last for around 3 months depending on your skin type.
  • The heat from the laser pulses may feel slightly uncomfortable. Please let our specialist know and we are able to provide ice packs or your comfort. We also have Aloe Vera gel available for purchase that may ease any heat sensations.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 48 hours after treatment.
  • The treated area may seem bruised or darker for a few weeks after the treatment but will fade.
  • If you experience any increase in pain, swelling or blistering, please contact our specialist.

Does the treatment cause any pain?

There may be a slight pressure/heat on the affected area and small tingling sensations. We use various methods including cryogen, ice packs and cooling air to keep any pain to a minimum. Our technicians always check throughout the treatment that you are comfortable and at ease.

How long does healing take? When will I see a difference?

It typically takes 3-4 weeks to see a total resolution of the area. For venous lakes healing looks like a burn at first and then a scab. For thread vein treatments, you may experience slight bruising in the area. For leg veins, avoid strenuous exercise for 48 hours, our technicians may recommend compression stockings if you have been treated on your legs.

More information:

If you are prone to herpes breakouts, have skin conditions such as cancer, scar easily and develop keloids or use acne medication should consult their medical professionals before receiving the treatment.
Pregnant women should not receive this treatment.
Over 18s only.